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How To Download

How to download a pdf file step by step plus instructions for downloading other types of files.

How To Download .exe File

There are essentially two types of files that you will download. This page will take you through the process of downloading.

Keep this page open on your computer and open a new window that you will use to download. Then follow the steps in this page.

Downloading A .pdf Formatted File

If the file you want to download has an exetension that reads .pdf, you need the free Adobe reader. If you do not have the Adobe reader on your computer, get it here. Free Adobe Reader


After you open a .pdf file on your computer you have to save it to your computer or you will not have downloaded the file. You will only have opened it. So SAVE it!

Procedure 1

Copy the file name to the address box at the top of your web browser.

Hit enter and the file will open in your browser window.

Move your browser to the bottom center of the screen and you will see a navigation box open.

Click on the save button on the left of that navigation bar. You will get a choice as to where to save the file to your computer.

Alternatively, press Shift Ctrl S

Procedure 2

Open the Adobe reader.

At the top left corner go to File Open and enter the file name into the File Name box.

Click on the Open Button.

Afer the file opens, go to the save button and save it to your computer.


Downloading And Opening Zip Files

ZIP files are basically compressed folders that contain files.

Windows 7 contains a built-in tool for working with ZIP files.

You can also use WinZip or other programs to extract the files.

Set up a folder for the files.

Enter the file address in your browser window.

When you click on the file, you will be prompted as to whether you want to open or save the file.

Save it to the folder you just made.

Your system may automatically unzip the files. You can tell if that happened by looking at the contents of the folder.

If all that you see in the folder is the unzipped file:

Right-click the ZIP file.

Click "Extract All."

Selected a destination for the files.

Click "Extract"