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How To Do Video Marketing

One of the best ways to get traffic fast is to do video marketing. The free video services such as YouTube present you with an excellent way to make money on the internet without having to make much investment other than your time.

You do not even have to have a video camera. You can use slides or text.

And you do not have to buy any special programs. You can use the free Windows Movie Maker.

Using Windows Movie Maker is simple. And to make it easier yet, we have a utility page that lists a large number of video tutorials that show how to use it. You are invited to take a look at some of them to see how easy it is to use.

Your goal of course is to make a video that will get you traffic. And the way to do that is very similar to the way you make a web page. You choose a key word or phrase and make a video related to that. Then you submit it to the free video hosting services.

Submitting to these lists of free video hosting services will result in you getting good search engine position for the keyword.

Some internet marketers do nothing but submit videos. They submit hundreds per day and get thousands of visitors per day to their web sites.

There are three approaches to video submission.

The first is to manually submit. It is a tedious process. Actually, it is necessary for you in the begriming to learn the systems.

The second is to make your own videos and submit using an automated video submission system.

The third is to outsource through a service like Get A Freelancer and have someone make the videos for you and then submit using an automatic system.

There are a few automated systems on the market. Some are cheap and some are "expensive".

But, like with many things, cheap things can be more expensive than the expensive things.

We have tried the low cost versions and will not recommend them.

Here is the best of the best. You get a free trial. In the first free trial month we made more money than the cost of the system.

Look at this system for two reasons.

First, look at the tutorials on video marketing.

Second, try it free for a month. Look at it by clicking on The Traffic Geyser



Here is a utility page that is loaded with more videos on marketing.

Marketing Videos