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How To Build An Amazon Store

This page gives you what you need to build and Amazon store and gives you a free download that you can follow step by step to set up an Amazon store.

build amazon store step by step

Amazon is the largest drop shipper in the world. You can become Amazon affiliate instantly and start earning commissions as a drop shipper in no time. Thousands of savvy internet marketers use Amazon as their wholesale drop ship supplier. And they make a lot of money with very little effort.

There are two basic forms of amazon stores. The first is a wordpress based system. The second is a ecommerce store normally, because of its relative complexity, based on some enabling amazon store building programs.

These stores use the Amazon Affiliate program for products to be sold. If you are unfamiliar with the Amazon Associates program and its use, here is a video with some background material: How To Use The Amazon Affiliate Program For Drop Shipping



WordPress Based Amazon Store

Making one of these Amazon stores is very easy. You do not need programming skills.

Here is a video introduction to what you have to do. Http://

And if you click on this link, you will be taken to a step by step guide that you can use to build one of these stores. It is in .pdf format so you will need the free Adobe Reader. (Get it here - free.)

After you read it, you can save it to your computer if you wish for later use.

Amazon Site

At the next level, you can make something a lot more sophisticated by using a program that allows you to add relevant Amazon products to any existing web site with a few clicks or create a brand new online store in a few minutes.

Here is an example of a store built with such a program. The profit the site owner gets from this effort is in the middle five figures per MONTH. The site has made him a very wealthy man. Here is the site. Old House

Building a site like that is a matter of using a script like the one that you see here. Amazon Store Builder . Once you use the script to build your product listings, it is a matter of adding text and promoting it.

It is as straight forward as that. If you look at this video you can see exactly how it is done. Amazon Mini Business