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How To Batch Validate HTML Code

An easy method to check validation and to keep your site validated.

Below are text and video instructions on how to batch validate html code.

Validation is extremely important. The Bing search engine offers that it is the first step in evaluation of a site for its search engine position.

It is something that you should check often. Actually, each time you make a new page or change one, you should check that page.

But then, to be safe, routinely check your entire site's coding.

The video below takes you through the process.

Actually, the text instructions are probably easiest to follow since with them you can work at your own pace.

The first step in the validation process is to make your list of url's to be validated. As a suggestion use the url list generated with your site map.

Do that before you open the batch validator.


The batch validator can be found at this link. So that you do not lose this instruction page, when you click on it a new browser window will open. WDG Batch Validator

When it opens, notice "To quickly validate multiple URL's, try the batch mode".

Go to the batch mode link.

Insert some url's into the box and click on the validate button.

If you are unlucky, some of your pages will not validate and you will get a list of errors.

You can work through that error list.


As an alternative, just write down the url's of pages that don't validate.

Once you have gone through your entire url list and have a list of all the invalid pages, then go the W3C service and validate each individually.

This video takes you through the process of batch validation.

If you would like to watch this full screen, click on this link, How To Batch Validate.

I hope that this How to Batch Validate HTML Code page has helped.

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