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Web Page Heat Map

This information is important to anyone who wants to earn any money from a website. It is about a web page heatmap and how it relates to the money you make from your website.

It is very important that you be concerned with conversion rate.

And that conversion rate does not apply only to advertising, but also to the sale of your product.

It is a waste of time and a waste of money for you to put up a website and to lose sales simply because that website is designed without the heatmap being taken into consideration.

Don't fall into the trap of assuming that a fancy website will sell for you. You have to have a website that is designed to sell and such a website is not necessarily fancy.

A heatmap designed website is an effective website. This page discusses them.

But first here is a short video for you to watch that gives you some background on a heatmap. Click here for the short video that shows you graphically how this works. Heatmap It will open in a new window on your browser.


After having watched the video linked in the sentence above, here is:

More On Heat Maps


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The image at the left shows the typical content areas of a web page.

The most clicked on area is the dark red.

The second most clicked are the purple areas.

The third are the yellow areas.

The fourth area are the blue that represent the footer and navigation bar.

The fifth area is the light blue. The click through rate is so low that it is of no real interest to us.

Color density is related to how often people click on an advertisement in one of those areas.

The image shows that people click most often on ads that are located just above the page content. And it shows top left and bottom center ad placements are best for your money generating ads.

Why are these locations best?

Studies show that every page has a visual center. The visual center of a page is the place that people first look when they look at a page.

Step back from this text and look at the page you are reading. The visual center is just above the google ads box at the top left. Note the concentration of ads around that point. That is where you probably first looked when you came to this page.

There are ads and a short paragraph that tells you what is in the page.

If the page introduction does not interest you, you will click out somehow. You are likely to click out via one of the ads.

If you are interested, you read on. At the bottom of the page you ask, "Where do I go from here?". So you see ads again and are likely to click out on one of them.

When you design a website, always keep this heat map in mind.

When you are designing your website, the remember the places that will make you money.

These are the places that you should put your ad sense advertising and any other advertising that you are promoting.

All the other areas are secondary as far as customer action is concerned.

The very top left of your website is simply used for branding and don't expect people to take mutch action there. Don't waste the area by just adding eye candy. Use it to brand your site, and to tell people what your site is all about. The top is a branding area and not action area.

The content section, is nothing more than the place that you put the information that attracts the customer to the site. Again it is not an action area.

It leads people to the bottom of the page where you again have advertisements and calls to action for your products.

If your current website is not laid out like this, consider having it changed.

If you are using a wordpress blog, here is information about a theme that is adsense ready and that takes into consideration the heat map. All that you have to do is download the theme and activate it. It is free. Converter Theme