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Go Greenfield

Too many people join a drop shipping program and try to sell the same products, with the same description and the same pictures that perhaps hundreds and thousands of others are trying to sell. It does not work.

Go greenfield. Stay out of the drop shipping programs. Find products that are popular but sold through private channels. Avoid doing the same thing as everyone else.

There are many ways to find products that you can drop ship without having to join a drop shipping program. Let the drop shipping programs go to those people who want to compete with everyone else who belongs to the same drop shipping program.

And while you are going greenfield, do it one product at a time. Choose one product, get a domain name for that product, make a five page website for that product, write five reviews of the product and submit them to article directories and you will have something that works.

That means that you do not pick web cameras. You pick one particular web camera and make a site for it. You do that because it is so much easier to get your site in the top of the search engines for one product than a category. And it is also cheap to set up your website and sales program.

The video gives you details.








How To Resources

Wholesale Product Directories

These directories list companies that will sell wholesale and within those listings, there are those that will drop ship. These directories exist because knowledgeable web marketers consider them indispensable. You should invest in at least one.


Amazon Formula

Here is a step by step process that you can use to use Amazon as your source of product. Amazon has helped make many internet millionaires. Take it one product at a time.


Consumer Wealth System

This is a system that helps you set up small money making sites quickly, easily and on a very small budget. It is well worth your time to look at this. It has some automated processes that help you make money faster.