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Get Legal Or Pay More

If you are going to do business you should do a business legally. Skirting the rules generally ends up costing you money.

Not only does it cost you money it can cost you lost the opportunity. Money can be recovered but opportunity generally cannot.

If you are operating outside the law, even ever so slightly as not having a tax number, you set yourself up to be taken advantage of by people who prey on those who show their vulnerability by not being properly organized.

Beyond that, factories, wholesalers and suppliers that are running legitimate businesses will have legal problems of their own if they deal with you when you are operating outside the law.

It is not hard to get legal. It just takes a little bit of time.

If you are going to run a business on the Internet this is something that you should look at immediately before you hold yourself out as doing business. Just saying that you are in business before you have filed the proper paperwork can subject yo to legal sanctions.

This video discusses the what, why and how of getting legal to do business on the Internet.