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Making A Free Website

How to make a free website that you can use for many different money making ventures.

free websites

If you choose the right website host, your website comes free. And if you are setting up your first website, when you choose that website host, you get your first domain name free.

It is a waste of money to make it fancy or complex website. Savvy Internet marketers don't and you should follow their lead.

Internet marketers use for the websites of one form or another. There are, of course, exceptions to the rule. But high-volume marketers make money with either free websites or no website at all.

If you are curious about how they make money without a website, you can go to this link.

But in this page we will concentrate on a website.

Marketers use websites based on the WordPress content management system. They generally use the hosted form of the content management system for their main money sites, but for promotion they use the unhosted system.

You can see the example of a hosted system at this site and and unhosted system at this site.

If you use the totally free version of WordPress you can set up a site with no cost involved whatsoever. Because it is free, there are some restrictions as to what you can do with that site. But they are really not limiting for most purposes. But as with anything else, once you get the free system you will be pressed for upgrades to do this and to do that.

A hosted system requires you to rent the services of a web host. For that you pay an annual fee. The monthly cost breakdown to anywhere between five and $10 per month. Went the right choice of a website host you can then use the WordPress content management system on back website host server. And in doing that you get a lot more flexibility. And control. Here is a recommended web host that will do just what you need.

One very important point to make about a hosted system is that you choose the domain name and you can control that domain name in that it is yours. You own it. Even if your website host gives you your first domain name free, you have the option of transferring the ownership of that domain name to yourself.

( Note the domain names of the two sites I showed you and . Wordpress owns the first one. I own the second one. And note which is easier to remember and type )

The WordPress system allows you to choose between a blog format and a pages based format. For your website, you will choose a pages based format.

Your main page will be static and you will have five pages with content. That is all you need. And ask what did you with either the hosted or unhosted systems. See Pages Based Themes

To make this easy for you, below is a video showing the setup of both a hosted and unhosted system.

Once you have your website set up, then it is a matter of adding product, affiliate links, and advertising services.

Then it is a matter of getting your page visible in the search engines and to get customers to your site.