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Free Shopping Cart

A review of the free shopping carts to be used as a stand alone store or intergrated into your website.

You need two things to start selling online – a shop cart and a source of products.


Shop Carts

First let us talk about the shop carts.

There are two excellent shop carts systems that you can use to set up your store and start selling electronics.

The two free shopping carts that you can use are OpenCart and eCrater.

Ecrater is a shopping network with a customer base. You don't have to, though for maximum income you should, self promote your store. Customers come to the eCrater network and find your products. You add products to your store on eCrater and pay them only when you sell something.

You can go to eCrater right now and set up a store, and your products, and be selling immediately.

OpenCart is a shopping cart that you can either add to your current web site or set up as a stand alone store. It's totally free open source software that you install on your own domain.

At the bottom of this lesson are step by step procedures for getting started with eCrater and OpenCart.


You can either buy wholesale or use a drop shipper.

Drop shipping offers you the ability to test your market and your selling system without investing in inventory.

We recommend that you start by drop shipping.

You can find offers all over the web or get lists of drop ship suppliers here. YYYY

As you selling volumes increase, you might find it profitable to shift to buying in bulk and using a fulfillment service to warehouse and ship your products. But that is a ways down the road.

For now, use a drop shipper. Lists of drop ship suppliers.


Don't limit yourself by using only one. Set up multiple streams of income by adding your product lines to both eCrater and an OpenCart powered store.

But take it step by step.

Set up one and get it working before you go on to the second.

Because it has a built in customer base that can show you immediate results, start with eCrater.

Doing that allows you to focus on your product list and pricing. Since you have a customer base, you can immediately start measuring your sell through rates for each product.

The results of your work on eCrater can be used later when you set up your OpenCart.

Step By Step For eCrater

Go to eCrater and sign up using the form.

When you submit the information you are sent an email asking you to confirm.

As soon as you confirm, you are given a link to your store and to your administration panel.

You are online. All you have to do now is add products. As soon as your first product goes into your store, customers can find it when they search eCrater.

Do note that you can set up as many stores as you wish.


Step by Step For Open Cart

If You Are Currently Online Now Or Have A Website Host:

It's a matter of downloading open cart to your host and configuring it to suit your needs and your products. And that is a matter of either following their tutorials and guidelines yourself or having someone do it for you. Go to


If You Do Not Have A Website Host

You must first choose one and subscribe for services (a list of hosts is here) and house a domain on that host. The cost is between $5 and $10 per month.

Some hosts, such as Lunar, have special, free installation services for OpenCart.

Go to Lunar and subscribe for services. Choose Basic Hosting. You get a free domain name.

Go to the control panel inside your Lunar account.

In the control panel scroll down to Software / Services

Click on Softaculous

Choose OpenCart and follow the simple instructions.

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