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The Five Steps To Make Money

This page shows you how to start making money on the internet the fast and easy way.

Pick a domain name that is related to your target market. Once you find a domain that is available, go to the next step to get it free. You do not have to pay for it. You can get if free from your hosting company.

Go to this hosting company and subscribe. During the subscription process you will be asked to choose your free domain name. Choose the one that you found to be available. Use this hosting company. Lunar . We use it and our tutorials are based on its services.

Log into your host and go to the control panel. Use Fantastico to set install a wordpress blog.

If you just need a business web site, use the default theme to get started.

If you are going to promote a product, use this theme. The Converter

Make your first page a "page" and add text to introduce your product or service.

Add five pages of additional related text.

Write five articles and submit them to article directories.

Each of these steps is covered in detail in other tutorials in this web site.

And there is a book that lays out the entire process. It costs a bit buy you might find what others have, it is well worth the cost. Information about that is at Consumer Wealth System. And note that there is a money back guarantee. So try it. It is actually risk free.