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Five Dollar Promotions

In this page are listed special promotions where you can work done for you and get special prices on products for five dollars.

The five dollar promotions here are special promotions for web site owners. You can get information about each by sending mail to the listed addresses.


WordPress Blog Set Up

We will set up a WordPress blog on you or website, an AdSense ready theme and configure it to generate income for you. For information send e-mail to this address.

Add Audio To Your Website

We will provide you a $35 Web audio script and install that script on one webpage in your website for five dollars. You can see the information about the audio program at this link. For information about the installation and getting this $35 Web audio script for five dollars, send e-mail to this address.

There will be other five dollar promtions added to this page with time. So do be sure to bookmark Five Dollar Promotions.