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About An eStore

An eStore is a simple, focused web site that creates income promoting one thing. It is often just an information site that is monetised with advertising.

eStores often use wordpress for their web platform and use themes (designs) that are specially designed for conversion. See The Converter.

EStores are simple to put on line, once you have a hosting company and domain name, they are free to set up, and are very easy to get into a top position in the search engines. And they require no techical knowledge to set up.

Each eStore is expected to generated a regular income stream with the lower target often being $10 per day.

So instead of a megastore - generally in eCommerce store format - a network of focused eStores, each generating a minimum of $300 per month is built.

Marketers build hundreds of eStores selling different things.

The process is simple and straightforward.

The cost to build a new eStore, assuming hosting is already in place, is for the new domain name - about $10.00.

The time to make it is about one day.

The time to have it indexed in the search engines and generating money is generally within a month.

The technical process is simple - reserch your market, research your product, set up an eStore, add five pages, write five articles and submit to article directories.

You don't even have to sell product. You can just target a key word and give information related to that key word. For example look at Job Description Form.

Information about setting a site up like that is at The Converter.

And here is a system that makes it extremely easy. The Consumer Wealth System Go to that page, which is a sales page, but it also is very imformative.

You are also taken through this step by step in the Drop Ship Guide