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The best choices for and how to set up an ecommerce store.

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When setting up an ecommerce store, it is best to keep in mind the concept of creating multiple streams of income. See Multiple Streams Of Income

That concept leads one to considering simple, wordpress based, pages format sites that are tightly focused on a single product.

If one is just starting in business on the web, the first sites should probably focus on seling Amazon products.

That being said, there are other types of eCommerce stores that you should consider and study before making a final decision as to what to use.

The top retailers on the web use Yahoo Stores and sell through the Yahoo shopping network. Yahoo provides excellent service and support. You can test drive a Yahoo Store. Go to Yahoo Store

There are some excellent paid systems that you can use. The Site sell network has an excellent reputation. You can read about Site Sell - in the free book that was coined as "the bible of selling on the internet."

 But if you are just starting up, start with an Amazon Blog and use that to learn marketing. Once you start making money there, you will probably have some idea of marketing. And you will have cash flow to fund the costs of your ecommerce store startup. Infomation about an Amazon Blog is at the Amazon Formula.

eCommerce Store Tip

Do what the marketers do. Set up WordPress, pages format web sites and use them to sell Amazon Products, information products and products that you find in the drop ship directories.

If you have your own products, use the same format.

To sell Amazon products use the Amazon Formula.

For a generic format to sell anything else, use WordPress Web site