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eCommerce Hosting

Before you choose put up an ecommerce store and choose an ecommerce hosting provider, think about what you are trying to accomplish.

You're putting up that e-commerce store to get buyers. Not just visitors - Buyers.

That means that you think should think about where that e-commerce store is going to be located.

Online is the same as off-line. It's all about location. You have to think about location, location, and location.

On the Web you will find buyers in the Yahoo shopping network. There are millions of buyers there.

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That is a place that you want to be.

And if you want to be in the shopping network you should use the Yahoo store programs.

If you use the Yahoo merchant services you get the free programs to set up your own Yahoo store.

And with a Yahoo store, you can put your store where millions of buyers are.

There is one other very important consideration before you set up your store. Read this information about product choice. This file is in .pdf format Finding Products To Sell. Save it to your computer. It is VERY important.

Remember it's not the product. It is the competition. So when you're choosing you have to choose your e-commerce store and where you put it in with full cosideration about how you get around the the competition. And that starts with you choice and e-commerce hosting. Start with Yahoo.