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How To Get Links To Your eBay Store

Increase your sales by getting links to your eBay store. Getting links is just a matter of laying out a daily marketing pland and following it. Here are elements to add to your marketing pland.

Set up a face book page, a blog, twitter account, etc and whenever you post a new page on your website or a new product on eBay or in your eBay store, post messages on the other sites linking to that page. Most of the above are nofollowed but once you get enough ranking (friends, followers, etc) to those sites it may increase your traffic.

Write articles about products that you are selling. Include links to your store in the Authors information. See Article Marketing.

Create a YouTube video that pulls buyers to your site.

YouTube is a fantastic platform for generating traffic. With around 1 billion views per day (that's around 41 million views per hour!) YouTube offers an invaluable opportunity to get some very keen buyers to your site.

Here's what you need to do:

Create an informative video that relates to an item you are selling. For example, if your site sells photography equipment, you could have a how-to video on tips for taking great photos at night time, or a review of a new product that you have in stock.

The video doesn't need to be long, and doesn't have to be super professional. Most YouTube videos are fairly amateur and most viewers don't expect much more than a video produced with a fairly average camera.

During or at the end of your video (wherever appropriate) include a soft plug for your store. You can simply mention that you have the items available at your website address. It's also good to mention any discounts or bonuses you have on offer, as this will help to encourage buyers to visit your site and make a purchase.

There is some good information at How To Do Video Marketing.

And here another great suggestion. Bookmark all of your published articles as well as your websites on as many different social bookmarking domains as possible to create backlinks to your sites to improve your search engine rankings.

Simply create an account and start bookmarking your articles and sites using your favorite key words for the title of each link.