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How To Really Make Money On EBay

This page shows you how to make money on eBay the way that eBay does - by letting other people do all the work and take the risk.

There is no doubt that eBay is the greatest home business opportunity. Unfortunately most people let eBay use them instead of them using eBay.

They list products, pay high fees and generally work on low profit margins. eBay profits on every listing. The people don't.

These people are the content/product providers for eBay. They pay eBay to be allowed to provide content/product for the eBay website. That content/product are of course the ebay listings.

The people who make the real money are those that sell that content/product. And those people are not the ones who are paying the listing fees.

They list nothing, pay no fees but sell everything that is listed. eBay pays them to do this.

And the top sellers make - according to the eBay promotional material you can see here - make over $100,000 per month. In other words, over $1.2 million dollars a year. And they never pay an eBay fee or list a product or put up with the work that goes with listing, selling, shipping and customer service. They just make money.

How do they do it? They make very simple eBay affiliate sites.

In general, it works like this.

People pick a niche and make a very simple website that uses code provided by eBay to display eBay listings related to that niche. The website costs nothing to make. eBay gives the code and many helpful tools free.

And eBay pays them 50 to 70% of the fees that eBay makes if a product sells.

So the process is, that you pay eBay to put your product on the eBay website. eBay wants it to sell. So they give the content to their affiliates to sell and share the selling fee with them if they sell it.

In that way eBay increases the chances of something being sold since the products are shown on many websites.

Here are a couple examples of websites that use the eBay affiliate program to sell products on eBay. And they are typical of those sites that the top eBay affiliates use to make over $100,000 per month the easy way.

james bond
Go To Live Site Here

Here is a screen shot of a very simple working example. (Note that if you click under the screen shot a new window will open in your browser and you will go to the actual site.)

The site is not ours and we have no affiliation with the site owner. I link to it simply because it is a striking example of the a simple web site typical of those that Web marketers use to make continuing streams of income using eBay.

The site is a niche store for James Bond collectors. It pulls pre selected listings directly from eBay. The site makes money from eBay and Amazon affiliate sales. It essentially runs on autopilot and requires only periodic promotion to get visitors.

Sites like this are made using the free WordPress system with a very simple theme (free design template) to which a few pages of text are added and finally the eBay coding that is provided by eBay.

These are cookie cutter sites that are pumped out as often as the owner wants. Each makes an independent stream of income. Depending on the owners' goals, some make one, some make a few and others make hundreds.

And here is another example. It is more complex. But look at the cost of the listed items that are in that website.



james bond

If a product is sold through that website, the owner earns the standard eBay commission - 50 to 70% of the eBay fee. Very simple mathematics show you that those commissions can be quite significant.

Note that this site is monetized with adsense advertisements and eBay listings.

The next step is to see if you can do this.

Here is a link to a tutorial that takes you through a step-by-step process of setting up a site like the James Bond site. WordPress With eBay Affiliate Program