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Ebay Business Ideas

More than 3/4 million people make a full time living on eBay. And they do not do it selling things out of their garage.

And many others make a full time living not selling on eBay but by using eBay as a source of customers. They sell VIA eBay and avoid eBay fees.

eBay is THE buyers search engine. They go there to buy. Like with all search engines, you have to be in eBay to get to those buyers.

eBay is not only a place to sell, it is a primary marketing tool. And you should understand how it is used as a marketing tool as well has how savvy internet marketers sell without paying eBay fees.

Here are two resources to use to get up to speed fast.

Auction Classified Cash

If you decide to go with eBay, then add this book. It focuses on the eBay classifieds and how to use them to build your customer base and sell without paying eBay fees. But read the Silent Sales Machine first. It will prepare you for this.


And here are two product sources that give you something to list to build your customer list.


This is a drop shipping program that focuses on eBay. Review this to see how such a program works.



This is a source of digital products that you can sell on eBay. There is big money in selling digital products. Knowing what is available to you here makes Auction Classified Cash much more useful to you.


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