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How To Earn Money Using The EBay As A Search Engine

Ebay is a search engine. It is one of the primary places that people go when they want to buy something. ( The others ar Amazon and Yahoo Shopping. The main stream search engines are places that people go when they want information about something. And if they are determined to buy, they go to eBay or the other two.

Now, of course, these are generalizations. But they are true enough to use to your benefit.

Marketers have found that eBay is the place that they can build mailing lists. It is so effective that they have learned that they do not have to sell anything to make money using eBay.

They use their about me and additional information pages as well as the eBay classifieds to build mailing lists. And then they sell without paying eBay fees.

The video gives you the basics. And here are some materials that go into detail.

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Silent Sales Machine

This book is a classic, best seller. Buying it is one of the best things that you can do for yourself. It started as an eBay reference but has since expanded to cover much more about making money on the web. Do get this book.

eBay Classified Cash

One, if not the, best books on eBay Classifieds.

Add Audio To Your Ebay Listing

Audio increases your response rate for everything. The link goes to a page that shows you how to do it.