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How To Create A Money Making eBay About Me Page

Savvy internet marketers recognize that they can increase their eBay sales, as well as other sales, by using their about me page to its best advantage.

This video shows you some of the techniques used. Because eBay is prone to change the rules of the game quite often, the video gives you what you need to know to get started. Once you understand the concept, and start using it, you will naturally have to keep up to date by following what eBay does. Or you can stay current by using a forum such as the one recommended below the video.

 The About Me page is an extremly effective tool if you use it correctly. We can't recommend too strongly first watching this video and then using the resource links below.




Stay current and get the latest information offered by the world's top ebay experts. This is one of the services that we use. It is excellent. And it comes with many free books that would normally cost you more than the service. Get full information at this link. My Silent Team

If you just want a good book to get started before you go much farther, here are two that we use and, because we like them, we recommend.

Auction Classified Cash

Read this for a quick and easy system that you can follow to earn a full time income using eBay cllassified ads.

Silent Sales Machine

The classic book on how to use eBay to earn a full time living. Critics claim that the author knows more about eBay than the eBay staff. And when you read this, you will know why.