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Drop Shipping On A Budget Table Of Contents

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This is a copy of the table of contents for the book Drop Shipping On A Budget.

It is distributed by the Small Business Academy at this link and is also available on Amazon.com


Below is the list of chapters and the sections in each chapter.





Drop Shipping On A Budget Basic Training

This first section gives you the necessary background so that you are prepared before you make any mistakes.

How To Start A Drop Shipping Business On A Budget

Drop Shipping With Micro-Sites

The Micro-Business Strategy

What You Will Be Doing

How You Will Make Money

What Are Your Chances Of Making Money

Executing Your Plan Is Key

How Much Will A Micro-Site Cost You

You Do Not Have To Hire Consultants And You Do Not Know How To Use HTML

Drop Shipping On A Budget - Making Your Website

This section is a step by step guide that you use to make your website.

Pick A Product

Fix Your Niche On The Web

Pick A Domain Name.

Complete your Website Business Plan.

Choose A Web Host

Important Note About WordPress Installation

Use Simple Scripts To Install WordPress

Drop Shipping On A Budget - Monitizing Your Website

Once you have a website, then you go through the process of setting it up to make money for you.

Install AdSense Ready Themes

Download And Install A WordPress Advertising Plugin

Create a Google AdSense Account

Set Up Your AdSense Account For WordPress

Install Google Advertisements

Add Other Plugins

An Important Tweak

Look At Everything In The Dashboard

Make Some Categories

Add Some Pages

Add Some Products Posts In Draft

Tip To Make Posting Easier

Review The Products

Get Links And Promote Your Site

Drop Shipping On A Budget - Tips

We add some tips for you that will help you make money once you get online.

Tips For Writing Reviews

Ebay Affiliate Program

An Alternative Approach To Doing What You Have Just Done.




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