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Drop Shipping Course Introduction

This is the introductory lesson to the Business Information Service starting a drop shipping course that is sponsored by the Poland Chamber.

This course consists of a basic 10 lessons plus additional supplementary information that will give you enough information about drop shipping to enable you to make a choice of the type drop shipping business in which you would like to engage and give you enough information to make considered and reasoned business decisions as you go forward in your efforts to set up a business online.

The course is video-based but will be supplemented by text additions where necessary and appropriate.

You are invited to first watch this video that discusses drop shipping and the course. After watching the video you are invited to review the material that is linked below the video.

This free drop shipping course is very detailed and is based on years of hands on experience in the drop shipping business by the author.

The course is practical and approach and direct giving you a specific information about what you should and should not do to start a profitable drop shipping business on the Web.

A course like this can be very valuable to you particularly since more than nine out of 10 e-commerce stores that you see on line today will not be there next year. For you to succeed you have to get started right and run your business following some very well proven and defined marketing procedures. That is covered in this course.

With this brief introduction you are invited to watch this video on drop shipping.