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The Drop Shipping Business By The Small Business Academy

If you have any idea of doing business on the web you have to understand drop shipping. It is the web business enabler.

You will use it in many ways and forms. It may not always be called drop shipping. It can be called such things as affiliate marketing. And a lot more.

Here is a link to a video that answers the question "What Is Drop Shipping?" Do take the time to watch that.

All that you need to start a drop shipping business is a web host. See "What Does It Cost To Start A Business?"

And you do not have to worry about products. Savvy internet marketers use Amazon as their drop ship product supplier. And you can do the same very easily. Look at the simple Amazon Formula.

And there are many more places to get products. Here is one for eBay, and one products for an ecommerce store.

There are many more places that you can find product, look at Buy Wholesale and Finding Products Locally

If you are interested in drop shipping using an ecommerce store, then read this page. eCommerce Store

And finally, do read the Drop Ship Guide.


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