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Drop Ship Marketing As A Business Idea

Drop shipping is the basis of much what is done on the web. It is, effectively, the internet business enabler.

It is really a technical issue rather than a marketing issue. You should understand the technical aspects of it so that you can see how to apply it to whatever business model you choose.

Here are some important links to sources services that will give you background on what can be done and how to do it.

What Is Drop Shipping?

An introductory video that gives you an overview of Drop Shipping.

The Drop Ship Guide

A complete discussion of drop shipping with plans and step by step procedures.

World Wide Brands

A source of drop ship products and services. Their drop ship product directory is a classic source. Review this whole site for good background information.

The Amazon Formula

A simple formula that can get you into business very quickly. Try this to see how easy it is.


A source of products for eBay. Review it to see how a drop ship program works.


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