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Drop Ship Directory To Amazon

How to use a drop ship directory to sell products on Amazon.

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A drop ship directory gives you direct contact to suppliers who are willing to drop ship products. That is necessary if you wish to put your products on Amazon at the best price.

Once you have a drop ship directory, it is a matter of finding a supplier that offers the product that you want.

To make it easy for you, the directories provide search functions that allow you to get what you need from their database. Here is a demo of the search engine in the World Wide Brands directory. Search For Products To Drop Ship

As a side note, the number of products that you can choose from in a directory generally varies with the price. The top directory as far as product selection goes, as well as training and tools, is World Wide Brands.

That is not to say that the other directories are not good. They definitely are and they generally provide good value for the investment.

It is just that major marketers use the top directories so that they can add more products to Amazon. The more they add, the more sales they make.

To illustrate how useful even a lower cost directory can be, here is a link that gives you a step by step process of adding products to Amazon using the EzDropShipper program. This process is the same that you would use with any of the other drop ship directories that are available.


If you are concerned about cost, EzDropShipper has a trial period that you can use to check if you want to sell on Amazon.

The best directory for your money is World Wide Brands.  

Reviews of the various drop ship directories that are in the top of their class are at this link. Drop ship directory reviews.