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Drop Shipping Directories And eBay

A step by step process to use a drop shipping directory to find products to sell on eBay.

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It is assumed that you have an eBay sellers account established and that you have bought enough 99 cent products to get a 10 plus positive feedback rating.

Recommended drop ship directory is World Wide Brands. They require a payment up front.

You can also use drop ship suppliers that you can pay on a monthly basis such as EzDropShipper and Doba .

See our reviews of the drop ship sources at PolCham .

Review what products are available to you and the procedures that you must follow to get a product drop shipped to any customer that buys on eBay.

Now it is a matter of choosing products that you will list.

First go into the eBay sellers section and review the hot items. That will give you categories as well as specific items. You may not sell the same product, but if you use the eBay title tool you can get your product displayed so that you are in a competitive position.

If you have a product in mind, or a narrow category, click on Advanced Search, select completed items only and then search for that product.

You may want to also select a price range. Some people select sort by highest price first since they want to make as much money per listing as they can.

Make a list of 20 products.

Now go to your drop ship directory and find one or more suppliers of those products.

Here is a link to a demo of the World Wide Brands product search engine. Search For Products To Drop Ship

You are going to have to contact the supplier(s) and establish and account. Be sure that you have everything in place before you start selling it. The last thing you want to do is sell something on eBay and not be able to deliver.

Note that suppliers are likely to want your tax number and company information. So do be legal so that you are not rejected. Get Legal

With your supplier ready to ship on order, you now start the administrative process of listing on eBay.

You will be listing many products and they will continually expire or the products sell. Go to Auctiva and set up an account. That will allow you to automate the listing process.

Using Auctiva, set up your first listing on eBay to learn and test the process.

Once satisfied, do it over and over again.