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Drop Ship Amazon To eBay

How to drop ship from Amazon to eBay step by step instructions.

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The video at the right gives you a very specific, but very fast, step by step procedure that you can use to drop ship amazon to ebay.

Using this procedure you can be online and selling on eBay products listed on Amazon in a couple hours. And you can make good money doing it.

It is easy once you are set up. You are going to have to have your eBay listing set up using automated systems such as the turbo lister or auctiva.

The risks are low because if an item does not sell, you pay only a very small fee.

The profit margins are low as compared to those that you would get if you went directly to the source of the product that is being sold on Amazon.

To do that, you would use a Drop Ship Directory.

By using a drop ship directory, you get products directly from the source.

These are the same directories that people are using to have products drop shipped to people who buy through Amazon. They are putting up Amazon as a middle man.

Cut out the middle man.

Here are some drop ship directories with reviews. Drop Ship Directories.

Here is the procedure step by step. Print it and then follow the video.

1. Search any product on Amazon. Use any search term to fing a product.

2. Search for that product on eBay.

Click on Advanced Search

Enter keywords for the product.

Choose completed listings.


3. Scroll through the listings looking for Amazon pictures.

4. When you see a top rated seller that has an amazon product,

Click on the product

Click on see other items

Click completed listings

Scroll down looking for green highlighted items - ones that sold.

Click on a sold item.

5. Search for that product on Amazon.

6. Compare price on Amazon to sold price on eBay

7. Check profit potential being sure to include eBay fees in calculation. Improve profit by looking for Amazon free shipping while charging for shipping on eBay.

8. List on eBay at a little lower price but using the title optimizing tool to improve sales probability.

Note you will have to automate the listing process if you are going to do any volume. Set up an Acutiva account and list your first product to test and learn the process.

When the item sells, have it shipped as a gift item so that it is shipped in a plain brown box without an invoice.