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Microsite Definition

This page gives you the definition of a microsite, examples of micro-sites and free downloads of micro-site templates.

A micro-site is a tightly focused web site, typically with three to 10 pages of content - sometimes more, that provides information about one thing.

Micro sites take many formats. It can be a plain html formatted page that is promoted in order to earn advertising income. Or it can be a site based on the wordpress content management system.

Even Yahoo Stores in the Yahoo Shopping Network can be set up as micro-sites. To see how this is done, go to What Products Should I Sell.

Many micro-sites use what are called Adsense ready templates. These come in plain html format and in wordpress them format. See Free For Wordpress

If you are going to use an adsense income model, do be sure to follow the Heatmap recommendations and use a Heatmap ready template.

Micro Sites can be seen at About Elliptical Trainer Machines and Italian Recipes