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About The Costs To Start A Home Business On The Internet

It is not expensive to start a home business on the Internet. You do not have to spend money on websites or pay big money for shopping carts and so on. Internet entrepreneurs generally make a lot of money with nothing more than a blog, that they set up free with their hosting company, and some products that they dropship.

In this audio I discuss the cost to start a business on the Internet. And below the audio are some reference links to very important information that you will find interesting as well as valuable.



Resources Mentioned In This Audio


Here are three basic books for someone doing business on the Internet.

I have made comments about each book alongside the link to the book. Each of the links go to a detailed review of the book. You are invited to look at the video reviews of each of the books.

Silent Sales Machine

This book should be on the library shelf of anyone doing any business on the Internet.if you are doing business on the Internet now and do not have the book you should get it. It is an important.

I refer to this book quite often and consider it a basic building block for any business contemplating or now doing business on the Internet. Here is a video review of my copy and how I use it. Silent Sales Machine

Drop Ship Guide

Most people understand that drop shipping is important. But too many people are led astray by the magical enticement of being able to sell products without having to make an investment. The Drop Ship Guide was written to give you the necessary background to make informed decisions and to show you what you really have to do to start a drop shipping business. If you are contemplating drop shipping in any form read this book.

Yahoo Store Profits

This book is for the person who is interested in setting up an e-commerce store such as a gift shop or some other e-commerce store selling niche product lines such as baby clothes, or a parts, jewelry, crystal, Polish pottery and so on.

I have a video review of the book under this link. If you're going to set up an e-commerce store consider this required reading. It will save you a lot of money and a lot of time.



Web Hosting

No matter what business you go into, you are going to need need a web host.

The link goes to an in depth review of what you should look for and how to use a web host to your best advantage. Covers costs, capabilities and additional services.

Domain Name Registration

You need a domain name. That is your branding tool. That is your image on the Internet. A domain name will cost you less than $10 per year. Here is a link to a domain name service where you can get a domain name at that price and here is a link to a review of what you should do to register a domain name.