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About Choosing An Ecommerce Store

Your choice of an e-commerce store depends on the business model that you choose.

For example, you may choose to use a blog as your main platform and earn money from the traffic that you attract to your blog.

Or it may be that you decide to set up a mini business network that is based on Amazon sites.

And you can also set up a mini business based on a WordPress site or simple template.

Finally you may decide to go with a full-blown e-commerce store that requires shopping cart ,affiliate program, coupon distribution and more.

This video takes you through the various choices that you have and what considerations go into making your choice of an e-commerce store.

A main point of the video is that your business plan dictates the form of your e-commerce store and that it is important that you understand the many options that you have to make money on the net before you choose your e-commerce store.

Watch this video now for this very important information.

Resources Mentioned In This Video

Amazon Store Program - Start by downloading this free program now.

Amazon Store Installation Page - This is the installation page. The video is more helpful. But it is good to have.

About The Amazon Affiliate Program - A video that gives general background information on the Amazon Affiliate Program.

How To FTP - Tutorial on how to use FTP.

How To Unzip - Tutorial on how to Unzip

How To Write HTL Without Knowing HTML - Tutorial on how to use the Free HTML program.

Drop Ship Guide - This has check lists and a lot more detailed information.

Free HTML Program - This is the free html program. Some feel that it is better than top of the line Dreamweaver.