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Choose Company Name Ideas

This page discusses some ideas related to choosing your company name.


Choosing Your Company Name


Choosing a company name is different than choosing a domain name. A company name is the name that you use for your business licenses tax returns and so on. Your domain name is the name that you register for use on the Internet.

You may have a company that owns 100 domain names.

If you are going to operate on the Internet, your choice of company name may not be as important as your choice of domain names.

If you are going to sell off line, the name that you display on your storefront becomes quite important because you want people to remember it. And if you're going to have a website that supports that off-line storefront, you should have a domain name for that website that reflects the name of your storefront.

And so as a business, like politics, is ultimately local, for an off-line storefront you should consider the inclusion of something in the name that identifies the region where your storefront is located. For example rather than having a company name such as family drill bits, consider drill bits Atlanta. And your domain name should include the words drill bits Atlanta. See powerful domain names.

If you do not have an off-line component, your company name is really secondary to your domain name. You are domain names are chosen according to your choice of market niche and product selection. It is your domain names that will get you traffic from the Web. So choosing them properly is critical. Here are links on how to choose domain names. Choosing A Domain