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About Buying Wholesale

There are many ways that you may find suppliers of wholesale products. Regardless of how you do your search it is very important that you verify the reliability of your supplier.

One of the most convenient and safest things that you can do is to use a procurement service or, in other words, buying agent.

Use a buying agent as your outsourced buying department. It is like having a staff in country without the costs of maintaining one. Here is more information about procurment services.

Alternatively, use a directory that pre-screens suppliers so that you have a better chance of finding a reliable supplier and getting a good source of product that will not embarrass you in your business operations.

Below this video are the links to directories of prescreened suppliers where you can find a large selection of products for your business. This video discusses the general process of finding wholesale suppliers.

These directories are particularly useful for drop shippers since they give you the ability to sell products without having to join a drop ship program. They allow you to go greenfield. And that is important.



Resources Mentioned In This Video

World Wide Brands

Wholesale Pages

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