Small Business Help And Training

Businesses To Start From Home

This page takes you to descriptions of many businesses that you can start from home.

To help you decide on what business might be good for you, we have compiled a list of business ideas and embellished that list with explanatory materials and resources that will help you do your market research and business planning.

The list is not all inclusive. There are many more ways you can do business on the web. And it does not include off line pursuits.

To make it easy for you we have put those ideas in a file that you can download to your computer and read at your leisure. In that way you can do it slowly and carefully.

Download the complete list of Business Ideas. It is free. Click on Small Business Academy Business Ideas.

Once you download the file, print it and put it in a notebook that you can use to jot down your own ideas and to which you can add information that you get from other places.

As you go through them you are likely to have comments and questions. Each of the sections has a link to contact information so that you can send us email and ask either for clarification or more data.