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Business Requirements

This page reviews the absolute minimum business requirements for any business on the web.

There are three things that are absolutely necessary for any business to survive on the Internet.

All Businesses Need These Three Things

Those three things are a domain name, a cheap and flexible Web host, and an autoresponder.

If you lack any one of these three, your probability of surviving on the Internet in business are close to zero.

Get the first two by choosing the proper web host. That host will give you a free domain name. And with the free domain name you get site website templates and you get WordPress templates. That's all you need to get started.

Later on you will need an autoresponder. People tend to avoid the autoresponder and e-mail programs that go along with them. Here is one that you can try free. Try it look at the tutorials and learned. You're going to have to have in order respond to the succeed in the long run. To try it now.


An AutoResponder To Build A Customer List

video tutorial The money is in your mailing list. Build that mailing list with an autoresponder. This tutorial covers what an autoresponder does and ways you can use it to build your mailing list and, with it, sales. So that you do not lose this page, the tutorial will open in a new web browser in your computer screen.



Below are three videos that discuss each topic in depth.

The videos in this page are being upgraded for edition 6.