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Business Planning Guide

In this page you can download a business planning guide. Use this business planning guide to plan either your off-line or your online business.

We offer you two types of business planning guides the first type is for an off-line business. It is a traditional business planning guide that should be used by someone who is interested in setting up an off-line, or in other words, brick and mortar, tight business.

But if you are going to set up a business that's run online, or an off-line business that has an online compliment, you need a special take on a business planning guide because there are other factors that you should consider.

As such what we do is provide you with a special business planning guide in his use the online business. Included within that are references to a website plan. And you get links over to that website plan.

The material in this webpage is extremely important. You will find that many people fail on the Internet and they fail simply because they do not plan. They do not look at only aspects of what it takes to start up a business.


Don't fall into that trap. At least take the time to review the business plans so you know what has to be done.

You will find that filling out a business plan is actually a learning process. By filling it out properly you will go through an educational process.

Here are links to do to guides.

Off-line business planning guide

Online business planning guide