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Business Planning Guide Table Of Contents

The following is a reproduction of the Table Of Contents for the Business Planning Guide that is published by the Small Business Academy.


The Guide is published in English and available on Amazon or this web site for immediate delivery to your computer. Details are at the bottom of this page below the table of contents.






Table of Contents

Internet Business Planning Guide

A No Frills Approach To Writing An Internet Business Plan 5

What A Business Plan Does For You 6

Proof Of Merit 6

Survival 6

Income Taxes 7

Success 7

How To Use This Business Planning Guide 7

How To Proceed With Writing Your Business Plan 8

About Your Business Plan 9

How To Organize The Writing Of Your Plan 9

Your Business 10

Your Business Plan Modules

Goal – Reason For Your Business 12

What Makes You Unique? 13

Unique Selling Process 14

Income Stream Plan 16

Growth Plan 18

Exit Plan 19

Time Allocation 20

Planning Your Web Presence

Choosing Your Company And Domain Name 22

Choosing Your Content Management System 23

Choosing Your Web Host 24

Back Office Considerations

Internet Connection 26

Computer Support 27

Security 28

Technical Work 30

Software 31

FTP 31

Video Camera 31

Screen Capture 31

ZIP 32

HTML Editor 32

Word Processing 32

PDF 33

Voice Recognition 33

Popup 33

Photo Editor 34

Audio 34

Office Expenses 36

Miscellaneous Expenses 37

Regulatory 38

Support 39


How Will You Finance Your Business 41

Current Resources Versus Requirements 42

Purchase List 43

How Do You Project Whether Your Business Will Be Profitable Or Not? 44

Assembling And Using Your Plan

Clean Up Your Plan 45

Using The Plan 45


Tools And Tutorials 47

Personal Help 47

Legal Matters

Limits Of Liability And Disclaimer Of Warranty 48

Any Venture With A Profit Motive Is Very Risky 48

Compensation Disclosure 49

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