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Business Email

You are e-mail is your letterhead. And the service that provides your e-mail delivery is your letter carrier.

Some of the letter carriers look at your mail and trash some of it without ever showing you what they did and never giving you a chance to decide what you want to read.

In business you have to have total control over your communications and you have to maintain your image as a dedicated and credible professional.

To do that you have to use business e-mail. Using the free services does not help either your brand or your image.

You have to be constantly thinking about your brand. You have to write email over your own domain name and you should have in the signature part of your e-mail a link to a website or blog over your domain.

Always think branding. In everything you do think branding. And your e-mail is in the forefront of your branding efforts.

This video gets into the details of the use of business e-mail. It is an extremely important video.



Business email starts with a hosting company. If you use the right one you get a domain name free and you can set up a business card website, free. Here are recommendations. Hosting Reviews