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Making A Business Card Web Site

Why you should have and how you should use a business card website with instructions how to make one.

Selling on the Web is a lot about you and your credibility. People want to know with whom they had dealing. With that in mind, as soon as you start your business you should make immediate efforts to start branding yourself.

People want to know about you.

Even if you go to major trade boards, one of the things that people look for is verified buyers and sellers. They look for a website. They look for telphone numbers and anything that makes a company look real.

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So how do you do make yourself real and establish trust.

To start, you get your own domain name and put up contact info on the a simple web site. That contact info includes a video in which you can introduce yourself and tell people what you do.

You add Skype so that people can contact you. And by your Skype information you remind people that can hold a free video conference with you. Free!

People will feel more comfortable if they contact you and can see with whom they're talking.

Add some history about yourself. Talk about yourself give background make the people comfortable. This creates trust and relationships. And selling on the web is all about trust and relationships.

Use it like the eBay about me page. But without the eBay restrictions. In fact, use a link to this in your eBay about me page.

And something like an about me page that you find eBay.

The crowning point of the business card website is the video that you use to introduce yourself. And use that video to encourage people to contact you.

When you take this approach you essentially have a talking business card.