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How To Use eBay To Build Your Mailing List

eBay is a great source of buyers. This page tells you how to use ebay to build your mailing list made up of those buyers.

Creating Trust Relationships

Once you sell a customer something, you have created a trust relationship. And you can sell that customer again.

So as you sell on eBay, you build your mailing list of satisfied customers.

But there are many more visitors to your listings that are potential customers. They are interested in what you are selling otherwise they would not have looked in the first place. They are people who might buy from you in the future.

Customer Source Pages

There are three places in eBay that you can use to entice people to join your mailing list.

They are in the eBay Classified ads, your About Me Page and Your Additional Information page.

Ebay Classifieds

The eBay Classifieds are easy to use to build your mailing list. And they are very cheap to use. They are one of the best ways to advertise on the web.

You can do a lot with them. You can use them to promote such things as your web site, online store or other products you are selling on eBay. And you can use them to build long term relationships ( meaning your mailing list ) by offering free, interesting and valuable information. You do that by using what is called a squeeze page.

About Me Page

To a web marketer, the About Me Page is just as important as, if not more important than, the main listing page for the product. Savvy eBay marketers use the listed product to attract visitors. They often are not concerned about making a profit on the product. They want people to sign up for their free offerings such as newsletters, courses, and special offers newletters.

In your about me page you offer visitors on topic interesting and valuable information. They enter their email address into the box on your squeeze page and you are on your way toward building a long term relationship and future sales.

Additional Information Page

eBay allows you to make a special page to provide additional information about the product. There are specific guidelines related to this page that you should be sure to follow. But do note that on this page you can add video, audio and an offer to provide more valuable and interesting information. The offer for more valuable and interesting information takes the visitor to your squeeze page.

Where To Start

First read about squeeze pages so that you understand them fully. Go to Squeeze Pages

Then, armed with a knowledge of squeeze pages, go to eBay and read their current guidelines on Classified Ads, About Me Pages and Additional Information pages.

That should be the simplest thing to do. And the information that you get is direct from the source.

Third set up a squeeze page and test it yourself. Your autoresponder service will have templates that you can use – free. You can also use a system to create something a bit more sophisticated. There are many that you can use. There is more information at Squeeze Pages

Links to Auto Responder services, that you need to make a squeeze page, are below. And you can refresh your knowledge about Autoresponders by going to About Autoresponders.

Add your copy to the autoresponder. That is discussed in the information about the Squeeze Pages




Auction Classified Cash

One of the best, if not the best, on how to use the classifieds.


The best way to learn about an autoresponder is to try the free service or use the free trials. Here are three for you to choose from.

Get Response

An exellent system that has free, budget and cadillac plans. This is the one that we have used for years.


Many internet marketers swear by this one.

AutoResponder Pro

This is a program that you own. It is good for someone just getting started on a very limited budget. It has a nice demo that shows you how it works. Note that it does not have all the features that the two above had, but it has enough for most small businesses.