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Branding Is Definition Of Your Company

Branding is the defiintion of your company such that people recongnize and trust you. From day one, you have to be concerned about your company brand.

Let's put it this way. Do you buy from someone that you do not know or trust? Or do you buy from a brand whose name you recognize and that you have learned to trust.

If you are going to be successful on the web, you have to establish trust and create good relationships with your potential customers.

That takes time and it takes effort.

Step one is to get professional. Go from the amateur, tire kicker, "I have something to hide" stage to credible, professional.

Get a web presence.

Once you have established your web presence, if you want to be taken seriously, never again use your free email account for business. Only use it for something devious such as contacting a competitor. Because if you do use it for business, you will either look like a fraud or a jerk.

And there is a lot more to it. Here is a summary of problems related to general sloppy email procedures.

Spam.? That is a cost of doing business. Real business people learn to deal with it and control it. Branding is much more valuable than the time it takes to deal with the spam. Spam, like employee theft, is always going to be there. Learn to minimize its effects and learn to live with it.

And don't only brand your company, brand yourself. Do what savvy internet marketers do - they use email over their own names. Such as [email protected] And they have their own website about who they are and what they do. And they have an introductory video. And they have an introductory video on YouTube.

The total cost for me to do that was $9.95 to register and a few cents per month for my allocated share of my hosting company costs. The videos I make with low cost programs and the web page is a free wordpress blog. And the blog makes me money!

And then for my commercial web presence, I have my main site The Master Page and some personal business ventures such as the one at About Elliptica trainer machines.l. In all cases, I always use an email over a domain name related to that site..

If you do not have a web presence, go here now! Web Presence Definition

Once you have a web presence, make a signature for your email which signature promotes your brand. I have many. Here is one:

Gary Granai
Renouned Drop Shipping Expert
And Author Of The Drop Ship Guide
Visit For Personal Help

That is a start.

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