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Blogging For Sales

Anyone doing business on the web should have at least one blog, and perhaps many more than one. And even those who sell off line or on eBay should have a blog. You use blogs for sales.

A blog should be a fundamental part of your marketing program - online, offline or on eBay.

Marketers use blogs for many things. They use them to sell products, earn money on pay per click advertising, sell affiliate products, promote their ebay listings, and promote their websites.

They generally use WordPress based blogs. Information about them is at About WordPress.

There are several approaches that you can use.

If you have a wholesale or manufacturing business, use a blog for each individual product that you sell. See Product Blog

So for example if your company sells five different kinds of widgets, it is best for marketing purposes that you have five blogs each having its subject matter related to one of the five wages.

If you want to make money the quite way by using google adsense, use a blog like the Converter.

The Video In This Page Is Being Upgraded To Support The 6th edition of the Drop Ship Guide.

Promoting your ebay products is easy with a blog. Set up a blog for the product you are selling and add some content with links to your listings, eBay store and about me page.

Blogging is simple, fast and economical. Anyone can do it. And it does not take a lot of work. And you do not have to know anything about computers much beyond using the internet.

Here are two books on blogs and making money with blogs. The sales presentations for the books are the typical hype, but the books are good and have very useful information.

Both have guarantees. If you do not like them, you get your money back.

Blogging To The Bank

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