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How To Make Money With A Blog

This series of videos shows you how to make money making blogs. You can make a full time living just doing this.

Use blogs to sell products, drop ship, do affiliate marketing and make advertising income.

We recommend strongly that you go through these two videos first and then look at the vignettes below.

How To Make Money With A Blog

A good start on how to make money with a blog. It is more general in nature but gives you a necessary overview.

How To Set Up A Wordpress Blog

This is a rather long, step by step setup of a blog. It gives you an excellent look at the process.

Blog Vignettes

In response to questions and comments, the following vignettes have been added to this page.

How To Create A Blog

Shows you the steps needed to install a wordpress blog on you web host.

The section is work in progress.

In this section we are breaking down the process into smaller bits. It will make it easier for you to focus on specific things that you want to do.

If there is something that you would like cleared up, contact us with your questions.


Why You Should Have A Niche Blog For A Product Or Service


What You Need To Create A Wordpress Blog


How Much It Costs To Set Up A Wordpress Blog


WordPress Plugin Management With The One Click Plugin Updater

This shows you how to manage your plugins, what plugins are necessary and how to load them with one click to your blog.


Loading A Theme


Choosing A Blog Template


Loading A Blog Template


Make The Navigation Search Engine Friendly

These are all cleanup items. Remove archives, rename blog roll, change permalinks, change footer, remove admin section, recent entries and more.


Making Money With Amazon


How To Add Products To Your Amazon Blog


Making Money With Affiliate Programs


Adding Content To Your Blog


Making A Product Blog


Making A Blog Web Ring


Making Money With A Blog For Google