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Six Of The Best Places To Sell Online

More customers than you can ever get on your own.


Putting your products in the sales points below really use you for the most part of getting involved in having your own inventory and getting involved in shipping.

You spend your time on product selection and order processing.

The one exception to this rule is the craigslist sales process. There's a lot of money to be made with craigslist but it does take out of the office and out of the home work.

The remainder can be done from the comfort of your home or during your spare time when you are on the road working your regular job.

You do not have to build and maintain a website. That allows you to avoid all the hidden time and out-of-pocket costs that you run into when you sell from a shopping cart on your own website.


And you don't have to work with people trying to find your market niche. You avoid paying people to show you how to do this and that as far as product selection goes.

The offsetting cost is that you really should have a drop ship directory. With a drop ship directory you will have more products than you know what to do with.

The cost of a drop ship directory will generally be less than most people pay to set up a website and promote that website.

As a final point, this is probably the lowest risk way for you to start business because if you purchase a drop ship directory you will find that some of them have money back guarantees that you can exercise if you find that you can't make money using them. And these are no questions asked guarantees.

So now let's look at the websites that you can use



Sales Points is the #5 most trafficked site online in the U.S. according to you put your products on Amazon you will have more customers than you can ever get in any other way. Your job comes down to picking products and listing them on Amazon. And if you use drop shipping it is just a matter of taking the orders from Amazon and having your drop ship supplier send them to your customer.


eBay is the #1 Auction Retail Site on the planet Earth. 60+Million people flock here on a monthly basis looking for a great deal. The learning curve for properly pricing your products to guarantee profitability and sales is a little harder than, however, eBay has spawned millions of people who literally have an addiction to purchasing on auction only sites. With that type of traffic available, you should take the time to learn how Top Rated Sellers become Top Rated Sellers.


Craigslist is the single, most powerful website out of the this entire list for reaching local sales sleuths.It's not one of the most apparent places to sell stuff online but it is hands down the absolute best method to sell your wares locally. Millions of people on a daily basis are looking to connect with local sellers via Craigslist. It has proven to be a huge opportunity for people in the know. Whether your selling vehicles, software, real estate, or As Seen On Tv products, you can definitely get it sold through Craigslist.


eCrater is a website many people have never even heard of yet it features in excess of 1 Million Visitors Per Month. It the hiding spot that thousands of ex-eBay sellers have flocked to. Unlike eBay, eCrater is completely free to sell on. You receive unlimited product loads, up to 5 pics per item, and countless other goodies that eBay would gladly tax you for. eCrater makes a great place to get a fair price for your goods. And although I've mentioned it enough times.... It's absolutely free.


uBid is a beautifully designed little site designed for ease access. It's harder to get in than eBay but the quality of service and clientele is worth it. I have to mention it twice that their quality restrictions are stringent and ensure only established online retailers. Good traffic and one the easy to use interfaces makes it well worth any online entrepreneurs' time.

BluJay getting 200,000+ unique visitors per month, is not as huge as Amazon or eBay but it also has a whole lot less competition on the sales side. Its not the size. Its what you do with it.


Products To Sell

EBay top rated sellers and sellers on all these other auction sites use drop ship directories to find products sources.

Some, of course, imported products and store them in a fulfillment houses such as Amazon FBA and have Amazon drop ship them on order to their auction site customers.

Major Amazon sellers use drop ship directories to find and list products on Amazon.

In addition to providing product for you, the drop ship directories have a wealth of training information to show you how to improve your sales on eBay and Amazon by using those directories.

Some people use craigslist as a source of product to sell on eBay. So rather than selling on craigslist, they use craigslist and their supplier. They avoid paying for a drop ship directory but they get involved of the time cost that it takes to get the product from the seller and then to ship it to the eBay buyer.

But there are people making big money doing this. If you have some time due take a hard look at this.

How To

These links will give you details for Amazon and eBay.

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Amazon And eBay Resources

Drop Ship Directories

Here is a review of some drop ship directories and drop ship programs that you can use to start selling on these sites.


The Drop Ship Guide

Use this so that you fully understand the capabilities of drop shipping. It takes you step-by-step through the process of getting up and starting your business using drop shipping. Like the drop shipping directories and has a money back guarantee so it is well worth your investment.


eBay Inside Out

This is another book related to eBay selling. It comes highly recommended by online marketers.

It includes everything you need to start making money on eBay today. Everything is included for you including where to source thousands of products like Dell Notebook, Cuisinart Appliances, Plasma TVs, Golf Clubs, Tents and much much more.


The material in this lesson can be used to get you online and making money this week. You can download this material to your computer in .pdf by clicking here.