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How To Beat eBay At Its Own Game

A tutorial on how make more money on eBay by using its affliate program to beat it at its own game.

Wouldn't you like to put up an online store and have people pay you to put their products in your store? And if they sell the product, you get paid more. You have no risk other than the costs of maintaining and promoting your store.

ebay affiliate

That is exactly what eBay does.

That is the eBay game? EBay uses people to provide the content for its online store. And people pay eBay for the right to provide that content. The people don't always make money. But eBay always does.

Let's look at some of the details. You invest in a product and list it on eBay. You pay eBay to list that product. If someone buys the product you pay eBay some more. And if someone buys the product you ship the product. And you do all the client service.

Looking at it a little differently you are the drop ship program for eBay. If you buy the inventory, you maintain the inventory, you do client communication, and you do the shipping.

eBay has a good thing going, you do all the investing and do all the work with the hope of making money. And they make money whether you do or not.

Now eBay knows that the listing fees all one thing but to make real money it wants the products to sell because that's where it gets a bigger fee.

So they get serious and look for people to help them sell. They do the same as and so many other websites out there. They set up an affiliate program .

By setting up an affiliate program they have people all over the web selling for them.

This is big money for eBAy - and the affiliates. Top eBay affiliates - according to the eBay promotional material - make over $100,000 per month.

Affiliates can sell any product that is on eBay without having to pay a listing fee and without having to do anything but link to eBay listed products in their own websites.

EBay pays them 50 to 70% of the money that eBay makes when the product sells. That is a big percentage but it encourages affiliates to sell many products.

This is great for eBay. The more money that these people make selling things that might not have sold otherwise the more money eBay makes. The result is that EBay ends up making a lot of money each month that it would have ordinarily made.

Now let's look at how some of these affiliates do it.

They put up their own websites. In their websites they list eBay products. When those products sell, the people who listed the product on eBay do the shipping, client communications and pay the fees.

The people listing on the products are now not only drop shipping for eBay, but they are also drop shipping for eBay affiliates..

Now if you are selling on eBay as a business venture, step back and think about your position.

james bond site

Becoming an eBay affiliate is free. Setting up an eBay affiliate site that continually generates money is very simple. Here is an example of one.

The site is a niche store for James Bond collectors. It pulls pre selected listings directly from eBay. The site makes money from the listings on eBay that are interesting to James Bond Collectors. It essentially runs on autopilot and requires only periodic promotion to get visitors.

Note in the image of the web site, at the bottom right are eBay listings that automatically update.

Sites like this are made using the free WordPress system with a very simple theme to which a few pages of text are added Then eBay coding that is provided by eBay is included and the affiliate has an ecommerce store that can almost go on autopilot.

These are essentially free eBay stores that list whatever eBay products that you want. Free.

These are cookie cutter sites that are pumped out as often as the owner wants. Each makes an independent stream of income. Depending on the owners goals, some make one, some make a few and others make hundreds.

Now instead of paying listing fees and going through the hassle of selling in shipping, you know that all that you have to do is promote your little eBay store that is nothing more than a dressed up free Word press blog.

When you do that, you will be eBay at its own game because you have less work to do then they.

Information about setting up one of these free little eBay stores can be found at this link. eBay With Wordpress System