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On Changing Associate-o-matic shop.php to index.php

This video is a supplement to the video tutorial Setting Up An Amazon Mini-Business, that covers setting up an Amazon based drop shipping business using the Associate-o-matic software program. If you have not watched that video, you are invited to review the tips, hints and help that it contains.

When you set up your amazon site using Associate-o-matic, the default site address for the site is

Following the instructions in this video, you can change the address to or

The instructions in this video are for the non-tech. Because it was made in response to questions from people who are not familiar with programming, it is laid out in a clear, non assumptive, step by step process.

After watching this video, if you still have questions, please contact us and we will help you with an answer and amend this video to help those who come after you.

Below this video is a link to a free html editor that can be used to make the required changes to the shop.php script. And there is also a link to a video that shows how to use that program.


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Resources Mentioned In This Video

Video - Setting Up An Amazon Mini-Business - A step by step guide to setting up an Amazon mini business.

Video - How To Use The Free html Kompozer - You can use this editor to make the changes needed to the shop.php script. And you can use it for everything else too.