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Use Article Marketing To Increase Your Sales

How to use article marketing to increase your sales and search engine postion.

Article marketing is an extremely effective way to increase your sales. It is perhaps the most beneficial free advertising method that you can use on the Internet.

article marketing

Article directories serve as a source of content for blogs, the e-zines and any other publisher that needs fresh content. They copy your articles, including the link back to your website, and distribute it to their customer base.

Because your articles target a particular subject the prospective customers that result from article marketing are targeted customers.

The process of submitting targeted articles to directories is called Article Marketing.


Article Marketing Benefits For You

. You Get Increased Sales

The people that come to your website as a result of targeted articles are more interested in your product or service is then the general traffic that often comes from search engines. Because they are targeted customers you get a higher conversion for a given amount of traffic.

Additionally because you have a higher much each you naturally increase the number of sales that you get.

You Get Increased Website Traffic

With each article that you submit to an article directory you include a link back to given pages within your website. Because you have a link back to your website as people read the articles you will get more traffic coming to your website.

You Increase The Number Of Links To Your Website Resulting In Better Search Engine Position

As the articles are published in other websites and these signs the link that you have included in the article back to your website helps with your page rank and website popularity. The more links that you get back to your website to internal pages the higher will be your search engine position.

It Is Free Advertising

Your articles served as advertorials. You discussed the topic and become an expert on that topic. Articles a distributed through many channels and each of these channels generates new free advertising opportunities for you.

You Build Credibility And Build Your Brand

As you have articles posted about your products and services you build credibility and build your position as an expert. Article directories even give you expert status which you can use in your own website or store to show people the depth of your knowledge and expertise on the subject matter.

You Become An Expert In Your Niche

The more articles that you publish related to your niche the more you enhance your status as an expert. When people are looking to buy a product or service they want to buy from the best and if you have a website filled with articles and those articles are published by others will come to you for advice and information.

You Can Build Website Traffic Very Quickly

Within a few days of submitting articles to directories you start getting traffic to your website. There is no need to wait for the search engines or two pay for advertising to get traffic. You get targeted customers very quickly.

It Is A Fast Way To Get New Pages Indexed In ALL The Search Engines.

The search engines visit the article directories routinely and look for new content. And it is not just the major search engines that go there all the search engines. So if you submit articles that link back to pages in your site all the search engines will find them and index them. There is no need for you to spend time submitting pages to search engines or to pay people to submit your site to all the search engines just write a few articles in the search engines will find everything you have.

You Can Use Ghost Writers To Write Articles For You

You don't have to worry about your ability to write more knowledge on a particular subject. Many marketers go to the freelance boards and find ghostwriters will write articles for them to submit over the marketers' names. The cost to have articles written can be extremely cheap. Here is a link to a freelance board where you can find information about ghostwriters. Go to it and look at how incredibly cheap it is to have articles written. Freelancers


The process is very simple. You either write, or have written for you, articles about products or services that you promote and have them submitted to article directories.

Here are some article directories:,,