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Amazon Training Videos

An introduction to selling on Amazon.

This series of videos was made to sell a course, which course has been sold out and closed. The information provided by this introduction is, however, excellent training material in its own right.

You can use these videos as a complete guide. There are also some other books, courses and aids that are listed below the videos.

Bookmark this site so that you can come back to it. You might also want to send the link to people who might be interested in what is here.

These videos are presented for the information in them. Each of them was posted by the authors with the intent of selling their services. I NEITHER RECOMMEND FOR NOR AGAINST THE PURCHASE OF THEIR SERVICES. I leave the web links in to their services as a courtousy to them for having their videos here.


The videos were recorded from the web, so when they start they have a few odd screens. But then they settle out. As soon as the video starts, click on the full screen icon for better viewing.


This is an excellent overview of selling and an excellent overview of planning. It is not Amazon specific, but has information that will help you avoid the greatests risk in business - lack of planning and outsourcing.

Introduction To Amazon

This is actually a full summary of what they are doing. When you finish watching all the videos, come back to this one and take notes.

How To Find Products

Finding products baffles most people. This video takes you through the process.

Scaling Your Business

You will naturally start small. This shows you how to control the growth of your business.

The Closed Out Course Sales Pitch

This is the sales pitch that was used for the course. You may consider the course if they run it again. In any case, it is good in its own right because it actually provides good information about what you must do to run your business.

Other Amazon Selling Information

Amazon Tutorials

Amazon gives you the details and a lot of help. This is a must read before you do anything.

Yahoo FBA Forum

This is a great place to get information and to ask questions. This is a must join.

Sell on Amazon: A Guide to Amazon's Marketplace, Seller Central, and Fulfillment by Amazon Programs

Get this one on Amazon. A good book that gives you tips, tricks and techniques. You should read this before you start.

The Proven Amazon Selling Course

Rather expensive, but many people say it is well worth the money. But you can get on without it.