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Start Your Own Amazon Store

How to and why you should start your own Amazon Store

An Amazon store is really an Amazon site. Amazon sites make big money. Web marketers have them all over the Web.

The Amazon sites are set up generally using automated systems that create the web page for the Amazon store. .

But then you can go beyond that. There are many design firms that will set up an Amazon sites for you and populate it with information.

Amazon sites range from a single product blog to an extensive authority site. Here is a link to an extensive authority site that made the man who set this up mignonette a millionaire he since sold it is now retired. All by using Amazon drop shipping. Old House

Amazon sites can be used to develop niche stores.

The cost to set up an Amazon site is the cost of a Web host. Choosing the proper web host gets you a free domain name.

If you are going to use a large store, then you use a free program to set the site up. But if you're just starting, it's best to set up a focused Amazon blog.

Then you set up a network of blogs cross-linking this network of blogs. That will help you get in better search engine position.

The Amazon Formula