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Setting Up An Amazon Mini-Business

A mini business based on an Amazon site is a very good way to generate a consistent income stream.

There are several approaches to setting up such a business.

One is to use a wordpress system and focus on a single product.

The other is to set up a larger store that sells products in multiple categories.

The video below covers the larger store.

Before you go on, however, let me make a comment. If this is your first attempt at running a business on the internet, we recommend that you start with a single product site and use it to learn the more important points of getting customers.

Click below the image at the top right to review information about doing that.

As for the mulitple product/category site, information is below. Included is a very detailed, and by reason of detail, long video that you can use to go through the entire process of setting up your business web site.


You can set up an Amazon site free by using a free program that enables you to have a website capable of generating income online within about four hours after you watch this video. After you set up your first mini business based on an Amazon site you will find that you can set up the second site in two hours or less.

The first step in the process is to set up your first site so that you learn the system and so that you get that first sight into the search engines. Once it is in the search engines then you go forward with your promotion program and start developing an income stream.

In the beginning Amazon sites are not big cash generators on using the concept of a network of many businesses, if you have 10 many businesses online generating $10 per day each, you will have a consistent income of $3000 per month. And to keep that income stream active it takes very little work beyond the initial setup.

This video is perhaps one of the most important videos in our training series as it allows anyone to get online and get into business without having to pay for a website or having to pay website designers or having to join drop shipping programs.

Be sure to watch this video in full and to look at the information in the links below the video.

Note that the video is long. It will take a minute or more to load into your computer.

And you will have to bookmark this page so you can come back here to watch it as you work through your project.

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Resources Mentioned In This Video

Associate-o-matic Amazon Store Program - You can download the free program at this link. There is no real reason to hesitate. Do it now you you don't forget. It will be on your computer and ready to use at any time.

Associate-o-matic Amazon Store Installation Page - This is the installation page. The video is more helpful. But it is good to have.

About The Amazon Affiliate Program - A video that gives general background information on the Amazon Affiliate Program.

How To FTP - Tutorial on how to use FTP.

How To Unzip - Tutorial on how to Unzip

Free HTML Program - This is the free html program. Some feel that it is better than top of the line Dreamweaver. I agree.

How To Write HTL Without Knowing HTML - Tutorial on how to use the Free HTML program.

Drop Ship Guide - This has check lists and a lot more detailed information on setting up a drop shipping business