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Amazon sites are huge money. Amazon has made many people and retired them as Internet millionaires.

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Amazon is the world's largest dropshipper.

It is a low-margin dropshipper in that you work on a small commission as an Amazon affiliate.

You work at on a small percentage and need quite a volume to make serious money.

But on the other side of the coin, the drop shipping program is free.

And Amazon does everything automatically for you. And all you have to do is focus on promoting your Amazon site.

You do not have any back office worries whatsoever.

You have the credibility of Amazon working for you. They are a trusted seller so you all that you have to do is get the customer to the Amazon site.

You make can make an Amazon site as either a single product site or a major site.

Single product sites are much easier to set up and promote. You will find that there is less as competition in the search engines when it comes to finding a single product. It's also easier for you to set the site up.

You can use the WordPress blog system set up a product blog and monetize that blog with both adsense and with the Amazon product.

Setting up a simple Amazon site for single product is perhaps the best way to start drop shipping. All its you need is the proper website host, a blog, and Amazon product of a to put in a blog. Then you write reviews of the product in the post and doing some article marketing.

You can choose a series of products and set up a series of products that are generally related and interlink all of them. Then you can put all of these products in one large Amazon store. You can link all of these individual product back to that large Amazon store which is your main that money site.

You build a network you build search engine position and you build sales.

And all of this can be done free except for the cost of your website host and the domain names that you have to buy in the buying the first after getting the first domain name free from your website host. Information about doing that is at The Amazon Formula

The second approach is to set up an Amazon store. That is more complex, but can be well worth the time if you understand marketing. Information about doing that is at How To Build An Amazon Store

Amazon Site Tip

Start with The Amazon Formula, learn the business and then consider moving on to an Amazon store. You may find that it is better to have a series of Amazon Formula site than one Amazon store. You create multiple streams of income that way. See Multiple Streams of Income.