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Amazon FBA For eBay

How to increase your eBay profits by using Amazon FBA.

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Using a fulfillment house to store goods that you buy in bulk is the best way to improve your profits.

And by using a fulfillment house you do not have to get involved in shipping. You sell on eBay and notify the fulfillment house when you have made the sale. They ship to your customer.

Amazon FBA as a fulfillment house takes care of all your shipping and inventory management.

This allows you to import products directly from the factories. Doing that gives you a definite competitive advantage over others who often use drop ship suppliers that serve many customers. In other words, you won't be selling the same things as others.

And if you manufacture your own product, you can have others selling it on eBay by offering to supply them products that can be drop shipped.

Follow up on that thought by reading the information at How To Be A Drop Ship Supplier.

As a person who wants to sell on eBay, however, your preference is to go directly to the factory and be the one who puts that product in an Amazon warehouse.

You want to be the only one who sells that product line on eBay, as far as that is possible.

Do note that Top Rated Sellers buy products in bulk and use a fulfillment service, Amazon FBA or otherwise. In that way they maximize their profits while at the same time offering low prices at their sales points.

Note that I say sales points. That is because with ownership of the product, they can drop ship at many other points than eBay. See Top Six Places To Sell Online.

Where do you find products to import? There are many products from Poland that you can import. You can find them through the Poland Chamber and Wholesale Products Poland.

They have a free information service that you can use to get price Quotations.

Here is a link to more information about Amazon FBA